Worship is something we do all the time. We can’t help but worship. It’s what we have been created for. Worship is something that has been built into our very nature since God first created man and breathed the breathe of life into him. All of mankind is going to worship something. If it’s not God, there will be something else in His place. This is why it is so important for us to keep our worship pure – to keep Christ as the center of our lives as we offer up our lives in worship and adoration to Him. In all this it is important to know just who we are worshiping, and why we are worshiping, and even how we worship (though being created to worship – this aspect should come naturally to us).
Who we worship – Many things in this world try to pull our worship towards it, but our lives won’t truly feel fulfilled and complete until we offer our whole life up as an offering of worship to Him. Many times the Psalmist contemplates just whom this Glorious God is that we worship. The Psalms is filled with questions stating, “Who is this King of Glory?” This King of Glory – this Glorious God of all creation – is the One that our worship has been created for. “God Majestic” is how Psalms 41:1 refers to Him (The Message translation). The end of Psalm 19 refers to God as our “Alter-Rock.” He is the firm foundation that we stand on. Throughout Psalms 8 we see God being referred to as “God, brilliant Lord.” If you keep reading throughout the Psalms, you will find things like, “God, the One and Only,” “granite-strength and safe-harbor God,” “God of the Angel Armies,” “the Holy God of Israel,” and the list goes on. This is the God we worship. The only one who is 100% worthy of our praise. Just reading these names for God instills in me a desire to worship Him with everything that is within me – my whole being.
I urge (more than just encourage) you to read through the Bible and find the many ways that the people of God refer to Him – especially in the Psalms. It is hard to worship what we don’t know, especially since worship is a response – more importantly – to God. Let’s let God’s love so fill us that we become so filled with that love that all we can do is give it back in praise to Him – for it is His love that is the only thing that can fill every part of our being.
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