We watch the pastor get up every Sunday and teach/preach the word. Some of you might have thoughts like “I heard he loses his temper” “Sure like he really does what he is saying, and he expects us to be perfect”….whoa hold the phone. Often times people get too wrapped up in thoughts and don’t stop to step back and really understand a situation.

My father is a Pastor. As a family member of a minister it can be even easier to pass judgements and think “Well he didn’t do that last night at home.” What most people don’t understand is there is a difference between the man and the anointing. If you look at the “man” in the flesh speaking to you and judge his words in the flesh then you won’t get what God is trying to say. You aren’t listening to the word that God is trying to speak through him. You must not look at the person but look for the anointing and look for the spirit within the words. Thankfully my wonderful mother and father raised my brother and I to understand this. My mother would always emphasize that dad and his gift were different. When he is in the pulpit the Holy Spirit is working through him.
Remember no preacher is called to be a standard but an example. Jesus is the standard. My dad sets an example that even when he messes up he sets an example of how to repent, humble yourself and to get back on track.
The Lord gave my father a gift and an anointing to preach the word. When he is in the pulpit I no longer see him as “dad” or “Don Blevins” but rather I hear the Holy Spirit speaking through him. Sadly most people don’t separate the two and miss out on a lot of revelation. When you learn to hear the voice of God you can hear it everywhere. He is speaking through everyone. So stop making judgements in the flesh, come up higher and listen for what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. Instead of focusing on “the man” look for “the anointing”.
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