Ewww pride. Just bringing it up makes my stomach turn. I’m sure we all know the verse in James 4:7 that says

“Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

That has always been one of my favorite verses in the Bible. Now read the verse before verse 7. I love how James 4:6 in The Living Bible says it,

 ” But He gives us more and more strength to stand against all such evil longings. As the scripture says, God gives strength to the humble,but sets himself against the proud and haughty.”

I know everyone has there favorite book or verse in the Bible, but like my Pastor Blevins says, “Try reading the verse before your favorite verse.” I remember when I saw this verse. In 2008 I was in Bible College sitting in my dorm room my heart started racing and beating really fast. I wondered what was going on with me. Then I realized I was being convicted. The Lord was actually convicting me. I had no idea that I dealt with a spirit of pride. It’s crazy how we can always see the wrong things in other people, but miss the things in us that should not be there. I thank God He shed light and exposed that in me. What really got me in verse 7 is not only does it say that

“He gives strength to the humble,” 

but it says

 “He resists the proud.”

That blew my mind. So I’m in my dorm room and I start to examine my life. There were some things at that time I was believing God for and were not working for me. I would pray and believe God to do some mighty things. As I sat there it hit me, most of my prayers were on what I like to call “stand by mode” because I was dealing with pride. It says point blank in His word that “He resists the proud.” Anything that is against God is sin. Pride is sin, and when you sin you cut yourself off from God. I could go into details about my life in some areas were I dealt with a spirit of pride, but I’m not trying to write a book. (insert laugh) At that moment in time I begin to tell God to remove this from my life. I want no part of pride. If God hates anything it’s pride. The devil was the first to deal with pride. The devil himself was kicked out of heaven by God because he dealt with a spirit of pride. Yes, he is pretty dumb for that. I mean who gets kicked out of Heaven?! But he tried, yes “he tried” keyword, to lift himself higher then the God almighty of this universe, the God who created everything, including me and you. Jesus says in Matthew 18:4

“Therefore anyone who humbles himself as this little child, is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.” 

Now that’s in red in your bible. Jesus said that himself, refuse to be prideful, stay humble in everything you do, always in anything give God the glory and thank Him. Every time I go up to preach in a pulpit and after I’m done preaching, I let God know I thank Him and I give Him the glory. The more and more I started to thank God in everything I did and give Him the credit, the more and more pride starts to decrease from my soul. We all know who is behind us causing us to succeed in anything we do, God himself. Don’t take the credit, give it to Him. The more you exalt God the more He will exalt you. I can go through the bible and pull out people that dealt with pride, and the consequences behind it was not good. I also can go through the Bible and pull out people who dealt with humility and the consequences were awesome. Don’t allow pride to cause you to miss out on the things of God.  Humility will lift you, pride will bring you down. Don’t allow pride to sink in, it’s a slow killer to the soul.

Scripture Reference
James 4:6-7
Isaiah 59:2
Isaiah 14:12 
Matthew 18:4
James 4:10
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