Manet, Picasso, Jackson Polluck, Andy Warhol. These names did not become household names by doing something that was well received from their current culture. They became known because they pushed the boundaries and norms. They threw aside any insecurities and risked rejection for art, for creativity. What came from this was a revolutionary moment in art. If you go through and study the history of art you will see that most great “new” movements started with a group of people that were rejected, ridiculed, and outcast. One of my favorite genre’s in art is the “Impressionist” period. (Monet, Renoir, Degas) These artist create such a beautiful, romantic, “impression” of the world. Seeing one of their paintings almost makes it like a dream. The “norm” of the art world for them was “Realism” the art community looked at Impressionist as strange and rejected what we see now as beauty.
Imagine if we were able to set aside our insecurities and the desire to be accepted and just listen to what the Lord was saying. Not clouded by our own thoughts or what people might think or say. To be able to take what is inside and release it to the world. Who knows what revolutionary movement can come from people that don’t hold back. It is sad to think about all of the things we haven’t experienced because of our insecurities that have shielded our creativity.
This doesn’t just apply to art. (That is just what I know) This can apply to any area of life. Science, Math, Business, even things like relationships, someone that is free in their thoughts can imagine and invent things like the light bulb. A man that was unafraid to experiment and fail multiple times until he made something that was life altering.
God is “THE Creator” we must not let our insecurities be a barrier for His creations to enter the earth. We talk about God being “our source” and we always associate that with financial situations. He is our source of life. That means every area, every part. We must yield ourselves to The Creator and let His creativity flow through us. Psalm 139:13 says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” God created the place where our creativity comes from He is the source of creation itself. When you can grasp the understanding that nothing originates from you and there is a creation source, it is liberating and exciting to think of what can possibly come from that place. God does not mimic or copy He “creates”. 
Release the barriers of insecurity and the fear and let the Lord take over. Let’s be the conduit for the creations He desires to bring in the earth.
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