Don’t get too relaxed!

For two weeks I would be in church service, and all I would hear The Lord say to me is “Casual.” Just that one word. You would think, hearing that word for two weeks I would ask Him what does He mean by that, or at least go study up on the word. So one Saturday night I looked up the word “casual” it means, unconcerned, part time, not regular, not permanent, and occasionally. Then The Lord said to me, “There is a scripture in my Word about being causal.” So I got my bible out, and sure enough there is. By the way, don’t you love when God talks to you and just shows you things in His Word? Sorry had to take a praise moment. But In Jeremiah 48:10 it says “Cursed is he who does the work of the Lord with slackness, and cursed is he who keeps back his sword from bloodshed.” I have never seen that scripture before. When I read that, at that moment I knew what The Lord was telling me. I started to examine my prayer life, my Praise & Worship to Him, my giving, my time in the Word, and most important my relationship with the Lord. I’ve became casual in those areas. First thing I did was humble myself and repent for giving God a causal relationship with Him. Sometimes we can get so busy with other things, that we let those other things distract us from Him.
 I refuse to give the true and living God “slackness” in my prayer life. I refuse to be “part time” in my giving to the one who took a beating for me and hung on a cross. I refuse to live a “unconcerned” life style of Praise&Worship, to the one who still kept me safe, even when I was not at my best a. I refuse to be “not regular” in my Word to a God who meets every need. I most importantly refuse to “occasionally” spend time with the Lord.
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