Hey Everyone,

My name is Joshua Watkins, I’m 28 yrs old and I’m still holding onto my Florida roots, although I do reside in Kentucky. I love to sing, play piano, laugh, cook, enjoy life with friends and family and most importantly I love God! Now that formal introductions are out of the way…I can tell you about why I go to church.

I am the son of a preacher and I have been raised in the church. I know everything from hymns to ushering, it’s apart of me. Joshua is to church as a fish is to the sea. So you may be surprised to know that a little over a year ago I decided to stop going altogether. Crazy right?! I thought so too!

I had experienced “church hurt”, you know where something happens to you at the hands of someone who is a “Christian” and you immediately blame God and think the church is full of hypocrisy! Yeah, I did that too, me and my scripture quoting couldn’t handle when I was faced with a trial I felt was too great! So, I stopped going to church for 9 months and I can get into so many other details, but this is a blog not a novel.

Somehow, my friend Andre worked with a woman who attended this wonderful church, and he invited me to attend. Reluctantly, I went…..AND MY LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME!!!!! Lol! (I know that was so cliche). No, seriously, I had given up on finding genuine people and an authentic experience with like minded believers….but boy was I WRONG!
I allowed the enemy to cloud my heart with pain that there wasn’t any more room for God’s love. Thankfully he saw fit to bring me to the most weird aggregation of believers to date! Yes, Jacobs Well Church International does not meet the status quo. It is random and quirky, sophisticated yet quaint. “The Well” is a hodgepodge of the largest crayon box ever assembled….you will come in and see people whom you would never expect to be in the same place. Yet, after one service you will ask yourself why haven’t you been here all along.
The perfect perplexity with the only constant being that JESUS IS LORD OVER ALL! The Well brings an entire new meaning to flowing under the anointing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t predict what God is going to do and I LOVE IT! So…if you’re tired, or hurt, lacking faith or needing clarity…maybe you’re sick or need a friend….lonely or wanting stability…I know of a place where there are no perfect people and if you aren’t perfect either…it’s exactly where you belong!

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