There is a stigma in today’s society that Christian media is…ugly…bad….unattractive…or unappealing. I have to say I agree for the most part. I think that unfortunately the group of people that should be the most creative, since we are so closely connected to THE CREATOR of the universe, fall to the bottom or the end of the line in the creative market.

So often we as Christians focus too much on the “purpose” the “meaning” that we forget to create just to create. Things become so focused that we lose sight of the fact that God created sunsets for the purpose of enjoyment and beauty. It’s ok if things don’t necessarily spell out the message your trying to get across. If we have a strong relationship with The Lord and we open up what’s inside and release that through creativity, the nature of God that is inside of us will come out. We don’t need to force a message and try to package it in a “creative” way. People see through that and reject it. The mission isn’t accomplished. God wants us to live a life so connected to Him that everything you create is created from Him.

Love is a powerful tool. In every area of life it makes things better. When the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts and we create from our heart. Then what would you expect to come out. To reach people and touch peoples lives we must exude that love of Christ in everything we create. We cant succeed if we strive to do it in our head and through our flesh. We have to create out of our spirit. The nature of Christ doesn’t need to be spelled out for others. When someone looks at a sunset they can feel it. So when someone looks at a painting, film, design, or anything creative that has been made from your spirit The Lord can also speak to them.

Our job as creative people that have a personal relationship with THE CREATOR is to make content. To give the Holy Spirit something to work with. Listen to the Holy Spirit and create from your spirit and let Him do the rest. Let Him spell out the message in someone’s heart.


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