There are too many stimuli around us in our world now. We have so much telling us what is good and what is ugly what’s beautiful… It makes it impossible to keep up. Just hop on Pinterest and you’ll see. There is a new DIY trend every week. A new interior design style. A new fashion style. How can you do it all. The question is, who are you trying to please? Who are you doing these things for? What are you “doing” these things for?
To live your life “pleasing man” means to do things to be accepted, liked, or approved of by the people around you. Doing things in order to get accolades and compliments. Sadly we all run around trying to please each other not thinking about what Godthinks. Or what He actually wants you to do. We fall on our face annually or quarterly and repent and then turn around and live a life trying to please men. The reason our life is a revolving door is because we aren’t getting to the root and changing where the issue stems.
We go around trying to please men because of a broken soul. Somewhere in our emotions or our mind we have unrighteousness. That unrighteousness creates pockets of abyss. We try to fill them up with things around us and it never works because the abyss is like a black hole that is never fed and never content. We trick ourselves because for a moment we are actually happy until the black hole consumes the small amount of substance and we realize there is still emptiness. We have to go to God and let him fill those holes. Focusing on please those around you or even trying to please yourself and be happy with yourself is a waste of time. We can’t be happy with ourselves without getting closer to God. If we are made in His image then we can’t truly see ourselves until we get closer to God and see ourselves in Him. We have to focus on pleasing Him and seeking the desires and will of God. Our fulfillment, and purpose is found in the desire and plan of God.
Ask yourself that question Every time you feel a tinge of fear or insecurity come and try to stop you in your tracks. Who are you trying to please?
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